Who are the NSI?

The National Security Inspectorate (NSI) is recognised as the leading certification body for the security and fire protection sectors in the UK. For over 40 years, they have helped protect businesses and homeowners by providing robust, high quality audits of home and business security and fire safety service providers. Businesses and homeowners who choose NSI approved companies have the reassurance that their chosen contractors will work to the highest industry standards demanded by the Police, Fire and Rescue Services and the insurance industry. The NSI Directory lists all the companies who have successfully achieved NSI certification.

Experts in Security & Fire Safety

As a buyer you want to know your security and fire safety provider is reputable and trustworthy with the expertise to translate your needs into a solution that’s right for you.

Many insurers recognise NSI approved companies and the systems they install.  Your insurer may ask for a copy of the NSI Certificate of Compliance as proof that installation work was conducted by an NSI approved company. Check with your insurer whether having a security alarm system installed and maintained by an NSI approved company leaves you eligible to a discount on your insurance premium.

You can check which services an Approved Company holds approval for by using the NSI Company Finder on www.nsi.org.uk.

For example, if you are looking for a supplier of an NSI compliant intruder alarm system (for which your chosen installer will issue an NSI Certificate of Compliance) you will need to identify an installer who holds either NSI NACOSS Gold Approval or NSI Systems Silver Approval

Technical Expertise and Quality

Gold and Silver Approved Companies work to the same industry specific Standards and are subject to independent regular audit by NSI to monitor compliance with those standards. The relevant standards are displayed on the Approved Company’s Certificate of Approval.

In the case of NSI Gold Approval, the Quality Management System is tuned to the specific needs of the Security and/or Fire Safety sector. This is as demanding as any Approval in the security and fire sectors in which NSI operates, and recognised by industry, the police, fire and rescue services and insurers, and other stakeholders.

NSI audits require full compliance with standards including elements which are ‘recommended’ codes of best practice. This means customers can be sure of full compliance to standards, not simply lip service.

Where NSI audits reveal shortcomings, these are documented and require companies to provide clear evidence to NSI of necessary corrective and improvement actions taken. Occasionally a company is unable or unwilling to adapt and loses its NSI Approval.

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