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Ion 30R Ion 40HIntruder Alarm Systems

We have a number of different home and business alarms. Due to the quality of equipment we use we have the ability to use our alarms in both home and business premises. We simply modify each system to what is required. The common parts however stay the same across the board.

All our control panels work in new installations and in upgrades/takeovers. The Eaton products that we have always used (formly known as Scantronic and  Menvier) are completely adaptable and deigned in a way that suits any scenario.

Here are the two main panels that we use.

Ion 30R and Ion 40H.


App AlertInstallations and upgrades

Both Systems can be used for new jobs or upgrades and your Damar surveyor would advise you on which one is most suitable. As a rule of thumb, new jobs tend to be the ion 30R and old jobs being upgraded with existing cables tend to be the ion 40H. The price isn’t different in either choice. Both use the same keypad (shown in the image) and are ready for wired or wireless options. The ion 40H is sometimes a better option for bigger projects as the system capacity can be extended much further than the 30 model.

Both systems however come ready to use the Eaton Secure connect app. (see new app control news story for more information) The best feature of the app is that if your alarm activates then the app instantly notifies you of the very zone in your system where the alarm has triggered. Ie, master bed window or utility sensor.

Eaton Secure App Notifications

Setting and unsetting via the Eaton Secure App

Eaton KeypadEaton Keypad

The Eaton keypad comes in both wired and wireless versions but looks exactly the same in appearance. This is where you will set and unset your alarm and is usually in the entrance of a property. As standard we always try to use a wired keypad, but where a keypad is needed in a location where cabeles cant be hidden, then we often now opt for the wireless option.

All our panels come with a variety of detection devices. We have listed the most common ones that we use below.

Door contacts

Slim line Wireless door contact (below), Used on main entrance doors and works when the magnet moves appart from the contact. Ie where a door or window is opened more than a few millimeters. Comes in white, grey and brown options.

Slimline wireless door contact

Wireless vibrartion contacts. A very neat wireless vibration detector that operates when the material it is mounted on to detects a tremmour. A gross attack on a door or a window being smashed. Great device that creates a real defence around your property, setting the alarm off before any intrusion into the property occurs. These can be used where you keep your pets. Cats are notourios at setting off movement sensors so this gives you the chance to keep a room armed (windows and doors) whilst your cats and dogs continue to live as normal.

Wireless PIRWireless pir and pet pir

Wireless pir and pet pir. Normal motion detectors monitoring any movement in an area whilst the system is set. A claasic device that everyone knows accept this one comes in a very clean and neat wireless design. Has the pet option which allows pets up to a certain weight to move around on the ground without setting the alarm off.  This can also come in dual detection model for areas affected by envioronmental factors such as conservatories and garages.

Panic Alarms

Wireless PIR 2

Panic alarms can be operated 24hours weather the system is set or unset and instantly sets off all the alarm sounders.

Its wireless and can be carried around anywhere you choose to go.

Damar Bellbox House

Wired sounder bellbox

And of course all of our jobs are finished off with our very recognisable wired sounders

Please visit our bellbox evolution news story to see why we now use the texecom odessey 5.

Certain properties may need monitoring. This is usually by request of the properies insurer. We can provide monitoring in the way of a dual com. This sends signals to our monitoring centre via GPRS and GSM. So for instance if your alarm activates, the dual com sends information to EMCS via gprs to explain what is happening in the property. Example, an intruder alarm has activated, at this stage EMCS call the keyholders and explain the alarm is going off and needs a response. If within 30minutesof the first activation, a second sensor goes off then a confirmation signal is sent via the dual com to EMCS. Upon receipt of this signal EMCS would call the police to attend site. This whole process usually takes no longer than 90seconds to the point the police are called.

Read more about EMCS

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