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HD CCTV Cameras

We are very proud of the quality of CCTV we install and equally as proud to be be able to offer CCTV maintenance ongoing to guarantee your system works when it is needed.

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We only use Hikvision recorders for our CCTV installations. Years of using this Model has given us great confidence in the quality, ease of use and ongoing end user satisfaction.

Hikvision Recorder

We can achieve any CCTV requirement you may have with systems that can have as many cameras as needed.  Residential markets tend to go for the 4 camera option as systems of this size ae sufficient for most properties.

The size sizes of recorder available

  • 4 channel recorders - upto 4 cameras
  • 8 channel recorders - upto 8 cameras
  • 16 channel recorders - upto 16 cameras
  • 32 channel recorders - upto 32 cameras

How many cameras do I need?

Our Damar surveyor would recommend what we felt you would need to make sure there are no blind spots of vision surrounding the property. Most people know how many cameras they need, and we endeavour to support what you want.

Each of our recorders can have the memory you require. This is designed  by Damar to ensure your system is set alongside industry guidelines. The sizes start at 1TB

Camera specifications are down to client needs.

We however use the Proview cameras, in gunmetal grey, these are 2MP with a 30m infra red for night time vision. They do come in white upon request.

The latest product is the 5MP motorised lens dome camera which is now available.

Proview Cameras

Proview Camera Black
Proview Camera White
Proview Camera Black
Proview Camera White
Cars and Garage

For the bigger homes and commercial properties it may be useful for cameras to have a better optical zoom, this will help to see further more clearly and also keep a better eye on more than one area with multi functional cameras which can be monitored and operated remotely by EMCS or the end user.

 Video playback and app

Our end user app for remote viewing facility is very user friendly and easy to perform operations like searching for recorded files.

Hikconnect App Demo 1
Hikconnect App Demo 2

Video from our office bullet camera with PTZ

We now have multifunctional bullet cameras that you can control from your phones app. Move left, right, up or down with 10X OPTICAL ZOOM

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